Business Operations and Profitability Improvement

The business consulting advisors at Avenue M work with clients to thoroughly analyze and improve the operations and profitability of a company.

The business analysis will consist of analyzing the following areas within a company:

  • Planning and production
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory control
  • Pricing and margin improvement
  • Negotiations
  • IT systems and reporting implementation
  • Cost controls

Analyzing the business operations enables a company to observe areas of strength and weaknesses to make informed decisions where to make operational or process improvements in the business.  The analysis might include:

  • Reviewing and assessing the current operations to streamline and create efficiencies in the operations
  • Creating orders and/or inventory efficiencies
  • Improving the tracking of financials and cost controls
  • Enhancing negotiations with suppliers, vendors and customers
  • Improving global access and tracking of the supply chain
  • Implementing scalable operational processes 
  • Improving the underlying profitability in a company