Business Plans and Pro Forma Projections

Companies often require assistance with their business plans, projected financials and/or cash flow projections with defensible and achievable assumptions.  This is true for companies in all stages of the business life cycle.

Avenue M works with business owners to conduct extensive interviews and understand the current state of the business as well as the future direction that the management team intends to position a company.

A strategic business plan with defensible projections assists a company with:

  • Understanding the market and ways to penetrate the industry
  • Developing strategic planning for products and/or services
  • Understanding the competition and positioning the company differently
  • Attracting high quality employees and management team
  • Developing and building the company's brand
  • Securing financing or investment
  • Positioning the company for future growth opportunities
  • Understanding the required cash flow, working capital and capital expenditures to grow the business