Exit Planning Strategy

As baby boomers ready themselves for retirement it is important to implement a strategic exit from the business.  What does that exit plan look like?  For many business owners they have no plan and when they are ready to exit their options become very limited.

Avenue M works with business owners 5-10 years before the time the business owner wants to exit out of the business to develop a comprehensive exit / succession plan.  The plan addresses topics of interest to the business owner including:  the business, personal, financial, tax issues, estate planning, wealth management, legal and insurance.  The plan should address contingencies in the plan related to illness, disability, death or divorce.

A comprehensive exit / succession plan enables the business owner to:

  • Control the timing of the exit out of the business
  • Optimize the value of the company
  • Minimize, defer or avoid capital gains taxes
  • Explore strategic exit options available and determine the appropriate exit plan given the business owner's situation
  • Achieve the business owner's goals and financial objectives (both business and personal)

To learn more, give Avenue M a call today to explore a comprehensive exit strategy.