IP Audits and Financing

In today's world, most company's have a comprehensive business strategy to grow financial revenue for the company.  These companies also have a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) that might be comprised of patents, marketing trademarks and brands, artistic copyrights, compositions, literary works and data and proprietary processes.  Typically, a company's business strategy and IP strategy are not integrated to maximize revenue and growth opportunities for the company.

Avenue M works with legal partners to develop a comprehensive IP Audit that integrates a company's business strategy with the IP Strategy throughout all functional areas in the company.  The IP Audit will do the following:

  • Identify the IP Assets in the company
  • Protect the IP Assets in the company
  • Measure the IP Assets so that you can generate the greatest value
  • Manage the IP Assets to support your business objectives and receive the greatest ROI
  • Value the IP Assets to maximize the value of the IP Assets in the company

The IP Audit that Avenue M and its legal partners perform will help companies to:

  • Determine the value of their portfolio of patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual assets
  • Protect the sources of your technological and strategic advantages
  • Use competitive, market and technical intelligence to form alliances, improve licensing negotiations and make better business decisions
  • Collect and share knowledge within the organization to create new products and services that meet the needs of the customers
  • Identify non-utilized or underutilized intellectual assets that can be used, sold, licensed, donated or spun out for immediate and continuing returns
  • Maximize licensing revenue
  • Incorporate business planning with an effective new product development program to streamline the innovation process
  • Achieve the benefits available through effective tax strategies
  • Periodically audit the royalties the company receives and those royalties the company pays out

IP Financing

Avenue M works through an alliance partner to structure innovative capital solutions for companies that own intellectual property.  We can assist businesses seeking debt alternatives or cost-effective financing not available in traditional markets to meet their liquidity needs by leveraging their intellectual property.