Process and Operational Assessments

A process and operational assessment may be performed by any company for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes an operational assessment is required for a company experiencing financial difficulties, product decline or too much inventory obsolescence.  Other times a company may be experiencing significant growth and is seeking to manage the growth or seek new markets for product expansion.

Whatever the reason, Avenue M, an independent consulting company, performs an operational assessment for a company, bringing outside expertise to analyze the company's current operations and processes and make recommendations to the company's executive management team.  Avenue M's business advisors obtain information from all departments and interview management to get answers to key questions to assist in the qualitative and quantitative analysis.  Avenue M develops a comprehensive operational assessment report, which includes key findings, benchmarking and recommendations for improvement.  Avenue M works with a company to implement the key findings and recommendations in the operational assessment report with a realistic timeline and tracking of deliverables.

The scope of work for an operational assessment could vary from a comprehensive and all encompassing operational assessment to a limited scope assessment of one of more functional areas.  This will differ based upon the business and their individual organizational requirements.