Preparing a Company for Sale

Once a business owner develops a comprehensive exit / succession plan, there may be operational or business functions that need to be analyzed to improve enterprise value and profitability of the business.  Avenue M works with business owners to prepare their business for a sale or other exit out of the company, which may consist of:

  • Improving and scaling business operations and profitability to increase cash flow
  • Ensuring profit margins are better than or consistent with industry averages
  • Ensuring the company has a strong, stable management team in place
  • Identifying the company's customer base and that it is well diversified and loyal
  • Reviewing the company's projections and assumptions to ensure a realistic growth plan exists
  • Verifying the company's financial information is accurate, current and prepared on a timely basis
  • Ensuring the company has financial controls in place
  • Coordinating and organizing all aspects of the transaction including financials, corporate agreements and other company materials including liaising with other advisors (lawyers, accountants, lenders)
  • Developing a data room to compile the company's financial information, corporate documents and business information