Melisa Silverman

Melisa Silverman is President of Avenue M® AdvisorsInc., a national and international, boutique financial valuation, exit planning and consulting services firm. With more than twenty years of industry, valuation and consulting experience, Ms. Silverman is a dedicated and impartial valuator and consultant who analyzes the numbers, uncovers the truth behind the numbers and tells the financial results of the business so that business owners can decide whether to grow their business or exit from the business.

Avenue M Advisors adopts and self-imposes the highest professional standards of the certifying organizations. Ms. Silverman has a JD degree. She is a member of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) and she holds the professional designation of Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA).  Ms. Silverman is a member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and she holds the professional designation of Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).  NACVA’S CVA® designation is the only valuation credential accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies® (NCCA®), the accreditation body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence™ (ICE™).  She is also a member of the International Society of Business Analysts (holding the professional designation of Senior Business Analyst (SBA)); and the National Equipment & Business Brokers Institute (holding the designation Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA)).

Ms. Silverman has prepared hundreds of complex business valuations on companies in every industry.  She works with startup, growth and mature, well-established privately held companies. The valuations vary from investment purposes, such as sale of a business, partner buyout; to tax related purposes, such as a company structure conversion, potential capital gains tax, estate and gift tax compliance, IRC §409A compliance, purchase price allocations; to litigation support purposes, such as a shareholder dispute, bankruptcy, lost profits determination or intellectual properties.

The detailed reports include both the financial analysis and legal basis for the conclusions of value, and comply with the following industry standards and/or regulatory requirements:  

  • USPAP and NACVA  
  • IRS  
  • SEC  
  • ERISA and DOL
Ms. Silverman has worked with companies helping them with their exit (succession) planning, due diligence, financial and operational assessments, strategic and business planning, developing cash flow projections, feasibility studies and analysis, SWOT assessments, business development strategies and implementation, analysis of potential acquisitions, assist clients with financing needs, and much more.
As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Ms. Silverman and her team work with business owners to develop a master plan for their business, financial and personal goals.  The triggering event is comprised of a business valuation correlated with a comprehensive assessment of the business, finances and personal objectives.  The results will identify areas that require improvements to increase enterprise value.  Exit strategies based on a business owner's goals and objectives are assessed and an overall master plan is developed and implemented when the business owner is ready to trigger the event.

Ms. Silverman also consults with clients to optimize their business objectives. She helps companies develop cash flow projections with defensible assumptions. Considered an expert in business development and with a robust network, Ms. Silverman consults with companies and professionals to develop business development and marketing strategies to accelerate growth and increase new business for the clients. And, with her corporate and investment experience, Ms. Silverman and her team consult with clients on the preparation of a business for liquidity events. 

Previously, Ms. Silverman worked for and consulted with large and medium companies such as Sonare Technologies, a division of Herman Miller, Peregrine Systems and 3E Company. She was responsible for negotiating with strategic partners and assisting them with sales, marketing, training and operations to sell the Company’s products and services. She focused on vertical markets including retail, utilities, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing. Ms. Silverman was also involved with multiple acquisitions and participated in the due diligence, negotiations, acquisition announcements and integration plans and implementation of the acquired companies.

Ms. Silverman has a BA degree from Indiana University and a JD Degree from Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law Center.