Business Valuation Services

Business valuations are frequently used for a multitude of purposes.  An independent valuation is an important planning tool for business owners to use as a benchmark for transition and exit strategy purposes.  Companies that have stock option incentive plans in place require preferred or common stock valuations as well as option valuations to determine the per share value.  Companies exploring or that already have an ESOP in place also require a business valuation for the transaction or annually for administrative purposes.  These are but a few of the reasons that a company or individual might need a valuation.

Valuations are required for many investment, tax, financial reporting and litigation purposes.

We perform independent, persuasive and extensive financial analyses of a business and deliver comprehensive reports that document the current condition of a business being valued as of the date of the valuation.

The analyses reflect an in-depth understanding of the business, the industry, the markets, and economic factors that may impact the value.  Complex business issues are identified and addressed with supporting positions as to how it may affect the value.  We develop well-reasoned and compelling positions that support the comprehensive valuation analyses performed.  Multiple valuation methodologies are utilized as deemed appropriate for the type of valuation performed.  And, a legal foundation is layered into the report with issues impacting value being analyzed and addressed with supporting explanations in the report.

We are not affiliated with any investment bank or accounting firm.  As such, we are completely independent and mostly free of conflicts of interests.

Valuation Services include:


  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Fairness Opinions
  • ESOP Valuations
  • Business Investment
  • Sale of a Business
  • Succession Planning
  • IP Valuations
  • Goodwill Valuations
  • Bank Financing
  • Stock Options Valuation
  • Capital Assets
  • Due Diligence Valuation (Quality of Earnings)

Tax-Related Matters:

  • IRC §409A compliance and GAAP requirements of ASC 718 (formerly FAS 123R)
  • Estate and gift tax compliance
  • Potential capital gains tax issues
  • Potential built-in-gains from a conversion from a C to S corporation
  • Federal, State and County tax disputes

Financial Reporting:

  • Purchase Price Allocation requirements of ASC 805 (formerly FAS 141R)
  • Intangible Assets and Goodwill Impairment requirements of ASC 350 (formerly FAS 142 and 144)


  • Partnership / shareholder disputes
  • Determination of business damages or lost profits
  • Intellectual property valuations for disputes
  • Marital Dissolution proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Court proceedings
  • Probate proceedings

Real Estate Appraisals:

(Performed through an affiliated company)

  • Investment Purposes
  • Tax Related Matters
  • Litigation